Sentiments editor, Kimi Hanauer, illustrates the motivations behind the publication and reflects on the process Press Press undertook to create it. Additionally, she contextualizes the conversations that appear in the publication by outlining a brief history of citizenship in the United States and the ways in which the legal formation of American citizenship has set the stage for contemporary rhetoric around and general understanding of immigration.

Speaking with Mei Lum, the organizer behind W.O.W. Project, about her anti-gentrification work in New York City’s Chinatown and the history of her family’s business, Wing on Wo & Co.

Speaking with Bilphena Yahwon about restorative justice, education, and womanism as praxis to poetry.

Speaking with Lizania Cruz about categorizing identity through experience and the founding of We The News.

Speaking with Adriana Yvette Monsalve about living in the Texas-Mexico and co-founding Homie House Press.

Speaking with Andrea Arrubla about the meaning of Social Security and citizenship.

An essay about motherhood and migration by Rami Karim.

Bomin Jeon & Ran Yun speak about their family's move to the United States from Korea and the founding of Café Andamiro, their cafe in Baltimore.

Speaking with Sheida Soleimani and another dear friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, about creating degrees of freedom in life and work.

Art and writing by AbdulAzeem Omotosho, Filimon Fishaye, Luwam Teweldebirha, Salam Gebremichael and others who wish to remain anonymous.

Press Press Young Scholars is a youth program organized by Press Press in partnership with Baltimore City Community College Refugee Youth Project. In the program, young creative writers and artists work with the Press Press team to develop their writing and art projects in an immigrant and refugee-only space, where all participants are second language speakers.

Speaking with Ladin Awad about photographic gaze, freedom in community, and her recent trip to Sudan.

Speaking with Joseph Lee about letting go of citizenship and the founding of 0Zone Collective, a Baltimore-based group that worked to highlight and dismantle systems of oppression through parties, zines, and other cultural programming.

An essay on a survivor, the children of survivors, and the generation after. Harris Bauer reflects on her relationship to her grandmother, a Hungarian-Jew and Holocaust survivor, during a recent trip revisiting her grandmother’s place of birth.

Speaking with Umico about chosen and blood family, and learning from her strategies in negotiating rigid conversations around her multiple identities.

Speaking with Mina Cheon on the power of invisibility in sending care packages, filled with first aid, snacks, video art lessons, and more, to North Korean families.

Speaking with Kearra Amaya Gopee about the importance of context and nuanced language when fighting for racial equity, and her future plans to start her form of sanctuary, an artist residency in Trinidad.

An artist project by Lu Zhang using forms of video, photography, and poetry, exploring themes of migration and loss.

An excerpt from a conversation between Dafna Rehavia and her daughter, Kimi Hanauer, recorded while the two took a trip from their places of residence in the East Coast to Arizona.

Speaking with Rosemary Reyes about healing intergenerational trauma, her party series Pussy Pop, and the significance of emotional sensibility and vulnerability for navigating capitalist society as artists and arts workers.

A collaborative manifesto centering on the theme of sanctuary facilitated by Press Press throughout 2017-2018 in Baltimore, Chicago, and & New York City, that invites immigrants and immigrant-adjacent folks to answer the questions: What is sanctuary? How can sanctuary be created? How can sanctuary be protected?